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Retired Campaigns

Cast and Crew

Game Materials and Credits

Most of our roleplaying games are Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), set in original, homebrewed worlds. Apocrypha and Cyberscape use the Apocalypse World and Dungeon World systems respectively. The original Wonder World is a Cypher System game while Wonder World: Origins uses Masks. For gameplay we use Roll20, a flexible online virtual tabletop.

Homebrew Resources
Soul-Stitcher: A warlock-inspired D&D class that introduces new skills and features. Created by Sean and seen on Survivor's Complex.
Lingering Injury Rules: Add a bit of risk and danger for players knocked unconscious. Supplemental rules for D&D—also created by Sean—and used in Lords of Misrule, Survivor's Complex, and Wildspace.

Art & Design

Character Portraits
Apocrypha & Lords of Misrule: Morgan @mojohtweets
Survivor's Complex: @saidtheegg & @aergiasart
Tidefall: @eric_grimoire & Morgan
Wildspace: @AlexielApril
Wonder World: Origins: @selectural

GGameKnights Overlays and Logos
Morgan, Sarah, & Travis

Music, Audio, & Maps

Our music and other audio tracks are by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech) and Plate Mail Games. Check out their work—you're sure to find the perfect soundtrack for any game.

Inkarnate is a free map-making resource we've used to create our maps. Use it to bring your own fantasy worlds to life!